Why So Timid?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Fortune favours the brave, or so it goes.

Fear is a natural part of being human.

Fear in and of itself is never the issue because fear, by design, is actually there to keep you alive.

But it’s the distortion of fear and the fear response that cripples you.

That takes a grip your soul and crushes it.

That stunts your growth and dims your light.

That keeps you locked up, tied to only what’s familiar and seemingly safe.

But herein lies the irony,

You succumb to fear because it's meant to keep you safe, but in the end, its crippling fear that actually kills you.

Not just your body, as it decays in the dark, but also kills your spirit.

The point then is not to rid your self of fear, because it has utility, but rather to develop and live with more courage, by stepping out and in to the things you fear most

To familiarise yourself with the unfamiliar