• Michael Dahdal

Setting Your Soul On Fire

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Life sometimes has this tendency to break your spirit and dim any light you may have had left inside.

Not sure if it’s by default or design, but there’s no greater tragedy than that of a broken spirit.

The loss of that child like quality, that spark in your eyes.

Where everything is new and interesting

When you’re constantly discovering, learning and growing.

Creating, making new friendships

At what point did we all get so serious?

And although life brings with it real challenges, obligations and responsibilities – that’s no reason to disengage.

To stop seeing all that it still has to offer.

Because life is not merely about staying alive, it’s about living

It’s about going out into the world.

To be engaged.

To experience it with child like eyes, with curiosity and wonder

To be fearless in pursuit of those things which fan the flames of your human spirit.

Because there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

Creation is an infinite process.

The point then is to break down the barriers you have built within yourself against it.

There remain parts in you that lay dormant, that need to be activated.

Unrealised potential that’s yearning to be realised.

Things you could and should be doing, that you’re not.

Maybe out of indifference or perhaps out of fear.

The point then is find that spark that will reignite your flame

And to have the courage and will to take that critical next step forward, voluntarily moving into the unknown and then embracing that experience.

Embarking on an endless journey of discovery,

All the while realising that the journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, it's in seeing the world with new eyes.

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