• Michael Dahdal

To Heal

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Life, if nothing else, seems to be a process of healing.

A process to mend some part of us

Something that seems fundamentally broken.

You want to be of sound body and mind.

You want to be well.

It’s your natural propensity to want to be healthy.

But somehow it makes no sense, why be healthy, when life will inevitably come to an end – what’s the point exactly, why bother?

Healing then is not so much about prolonging life.

It’s not even about being happy

It’s very much about being whole again.

To be able to live a life that’s complete, a full human life.

It’s about restoration, and living the fullness of the human experience.

Working with the explicit duality so evident in nature

These competing yet complimentary forces so inherent in everything

As Carl Jung eloquently put it, ‘the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness’.

And it is two halves that ultimately make a whole.

So healing is about unity.

Accepting vulnerability and yet being secure

Uniting the body with the spirit

Sorrow with joy

Bad with good

Pain with strength

Fear with courage

Doubt with trust

Healing is to overcome, to transcend your condition and to bring together all the elements that make you fundamentally human.

To be transfigured

Not by rejecting the dark, but by realising that Light would not be possible if it wasn’t for the dark and that dark is merely the absence of Light.

#healing #duality

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