Establishing Roots

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s in the roots where the foundations are established for life to be sustained.

The roots offer nourishment, sustenance and a sense of stability.

The stronger the roots, the more likely the plant is able to weather the storms.

Without roots, the trees whither, the leaves fall, only to be gone with the winds, aimless, lost.

The roots provide a sense of place, belonging.

They provide support and a foundation

Order and predictability

It still allows for movement with the wind, but will not be defined by it.

It’s the roots that determine strength and allow for growth to occur

So too then, do you need to establish your roots

Your sense of place and belonging

To have your feet planted firmly on the ground, so you too can absorb all the nourishment the world has to offer.

To establish the foundations that will see you through the storms, strengthening your