• Michael Dahdal

Selling Yourself Short

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You can have the best of intentions, but that ultimately means nothing if you keep selling yourself short.

For what you’re placing value in, is not so much reflected in your intentions, or even in what you say, but ultimately in what you do and how you spend your time.

What you give your attention to and the choices you make, are much more indicative of your priorities than any statement of intention (or belief) you could ever make.

Because it’s your actions, that reflect reality and tells the world the harsh truth about you and what it is you ultimately value.

If you say you’re going to do something and you don’t do, that says something about you.

If you want to do something, but you hesitate or procrastinate, that says something about you.

The key then is to align your intentions, and your words, with your actions.

This is the real challenge, and this is what brings with it actual contentment.

It’s in your ability to read between the lines and understand where you’re selling yourself short, highlighting the needs you’re failing to attend to.

What you’re avoiding or neglecting.

What potential you’re failing to live up to.

What opportunities you’re failing to take advantage of.

What promise you’re failing to fulfil, be it to yourself or to others.

Because if you say you want to get fit, but you’re not consistently active, that says something about how important fitness is to you when measured against the other things you do instead.

If you say you want to grow and prioritise your well-being, but you don’t put any time, attention or effort into it, you sacrifice nothing for it, that’s also very telling.

You may convince yourself that time is infinite, but it’s not, time is limited - so your life really becomes about managing competing priorities - you may be able to do almost anything, but you simply can't do everything.

So what you find yourself allocating most of your time and attention to, will tell you what you’re ultimately prioritising, whether by intention or not.

What you’ll find, in most cases, is that it’s not by intention at all, but rather by default.

Because life has this way of just creeping up on you and before you know it, you’ve compromised your life away.

You’re just stuck doing what you’re doing, having lost complete sight of what it is you should be doing.

So the point then is, to get intentional.

To get clear on what it is you value.

And then to let your life be a true reflection of that.

It’s only then, that you can begin to stop selling yourself short.

That you begin achieving alignment, and are able to put everything in its rightful place.

Finding true balance by ensuring your inner world is truly reflective of what’s going on around you.

This is alignment; this is embodiment and this is the beginning of living a life that’s balanced, full and true.

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