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Nature's Way

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It becomes quite obvious after observing for a while, that nature has some kind of order to it.

That things work in particular way.

That there’s a sense of predictability, certain laws of nature (and physics) that can be understood.

This predictability, this order, this structure, is the only reason we can even do science.

If nature consisted of pure chaos, of unpredictability, or disorder, life as you know it simply wouldn’t exist.

You, yourself, may not even exist.

So nature has a way.

There are certain rules, certain things we know and certain things that still remain a mystery.

But you can experience it

You can know the cycles of nature,

You can know the different seasons and their impact

You can know that there is interdependence between all things, a certain harmony

You can predict the behaviour of certain animal species

Understand how different weather patterns affect the eco system

You can understand physics and mathematics

The Laws of motion

The Law of gravity

So it’s difficult to outright refute that there is an order to things.

An order that requires some level of conformity, for if you try to tear it down, everything simply collapses in on itself.

The Chinese refer to this as “The Dao”, or “The Way”.

So it’s only humans then that have the ability to reason away any sense of order.

It’s only humans that want to recreate the rules and the universe with it, in their own image.

It’s only humans that want the earth to adapt to them, rather than adapting to it.

It’s only human’s that set out to defy the laws of nature.

Our ego, our pride, has become our own worst enemy.

How on earth can we expect to be fulfilled, to be happy, to find meaning, to live a full rich human experience, if essentially we choose go to war with nature.

It’s essentially going to war with yourself.

This misalignment between your way and nature’s way is the cause of all friction.

It’s the case of tension

It’s the cause of all disease

All human distress

And it’s only by realigning yourself with nature (and nature’s way) that you can begin to rise up and make the most of everything life has to offer you.

It’s in finding this harmony, this balance, that you can truly begin to live a full life.

The balance between movement and stillness

Happiness and sadness

Fire and water

Death and rebirth

Being productive and being destructive

Holding on and letting go

Order and chaos

It’s only when you begin to experience and understand the ways of nature, that you’re able to begin to make the changes you need to better align yourself with it.

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