• Michael Dahdal

A Missed Opportunity

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Life is way too short to hesitate.

It’s way too short not to make the most of every opportunity that’s been afforded to you, no matter how big or small it seems.

No matter how scary or daunting it seems.

We live with this delusion that we’re somehow going to live forever

That you're somehow immortal.

Truth is, you’re not.

Truth is, change is coming sooner or later, regardless of how you feel about it

Truth is, life is ultimately not about what you think or believe

It’s not even about how you feel

It’s about what you do and why you do it.

This is what defines you.

This is how your children, your friends, your family and the world will ultimately remember you

So life is very much about making the most of the gifts and talents you’ve been given

It’s about making the most of your good fortune

It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and testing yourself

Getting a real sense of what you’re truly capable of.

It’s about growing, mentally, physically, spirituality.

It’s about learning to Love;

About directing your will, your time, your attention to the things that actually matter

Being able to differentiate between needs and wants

Understanding what’s important and prioritising your life around that.

The only way to bridge the gap between knowing and understanding is to do and to act.

It's only through your lived experience, that you will truly begin understand.

That things will begin to make sense to you.

So if you’re being called to try something different,

Being called to start anew,

Being called to realign yourself with a deeper meaning and purpose

If life is whispering your name, asking you to embark on a new adventure

Chances are, it’s for good reason, especially if it’s resonating from your heart.

The only thing you have to consider at this point is -

Do you answer the call or do you hesitate?

Are you able to replace your hesitation with trust,

To replace your fear with courage?

And your doubt with faith?

Or do you once again just let that opportunity pass you by, never truly making the most of all that life has to offer you.


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