• Michael Dahdal

Discerning Guilt

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Built into our nature is the ability to intuitively experience guilt.

There’s a reason why we’re built this way.

It’s nature’s way of putting us back on the path.

Often times we look at guilt as unwarranted, as something someone else is projecting onto us

Dismissing it off hand as unreal or fantastical.

You were doing what felt right at the time, so there would be no reason to experience guilt.

But the reality is, you still do.


Are you delusional, or is there something else at play?

I don’t associate guilt with a feeling, but rather I find it to be intuitive, stemming from some place much deeper.

There’s a real sense that there’s something that needs to be remedied

A wound that needs healing

A wrong that needs to be put right

Something that needs to be attended to

A misalignment, that needs to be re-aligned

And it's very real.

It’s a deeper moral calling and we have the free will to either ignore or listen to it.

When left ignored, is when guilt tends to set in, taking root.

Guilt, by definition, is sense of shame or regret as a result of ‘bad’ conduct.

But how do you discern bad from good?

What conduct would you expect of yourself and are you in fact falling short?

Is guilt being projected onto you, or is there something in you that expects more of yourself?

Is there a potential that's not being lived up to?

I can tell you this.

Guilt quickly goes away when you can lay your head on the pillow at night knowing, without doubt, that you lived up to your end of the bargain

That you’re being everything you can be and should be

And doing everything you can do and should do

And knowing (not feeling), without pretence, that you are doing your part - is the first step towards alleviating guilt.


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