• Michael Dahdal

Cocoon Of Fear

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

So often we wrap ourselves up in a cocoon of fear, so much isolating ourselves from the world that we forget what living even is.

Slowly chipping away at your very character, convincing yourself that things are just too risky or the timing isn’t quite right.

You avoid life by procrastinating,

Keeping yourself busy and distracted

Giving your self a million reasons why you shouldn’t do something, and not a single reason why we should.

Before you know it, you’ve comprised so much away that you don’t even recognise yourself anymore.

So fixated on making a living that you’ve forgotten to actually make a life.

So obsessed with keeping yourself alive, that life itself has simply passed you by.

The antidote to fear is not the absence of fear, but rather courage.

The way fear is conquered is by slowly exposing yourself to the things you fear most.

Whether it’s a fear of shame,

A fear of failure

A fear of responsibility

A fear of success

A fear of death

A fear of not belonging

It all amounts to the same thing – an underlying fear of Life.

Because to truly live, you must embrace fear

You must learn to take on board some risk

You must be willing to make some mistakes

Knowing all the while, it’s an inherent part of the human experience.

It’s how you learn and ultimately how you grow.

We all live with some kind of fear,

The only difference is some choose to go out and face the world anyway, whilst others choose instead to hide.

But ultimately, leaving your cocoon is how you give yourself a real shot at life.

A caterpillar was never intended to stay in the cocoon forever, if it did, it would simply whither away and die, nature will tell you that.

Now imagine what life could look like, if you took that first step away from predictability and towards possibility?

Don’t only think about what you are, but think about what you could be, if only …. ?

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