• Michael Dahdal

Seeds Of Doubt

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Doubt embeds itself in you like a seed.

If nourished, it grows, if ignored and left unattended it withers away and dies.

Unlike fear, doubt is about hesitation, not preservation.

More about a lack of faith, rather than a lack of courage

Doubt is about not trusting

Not listening to that inner voice when it calls on you

Consigning it to nothing more than a figment of your imagination

Something removed from reality.

There are levels of knowing,

The knowing of the mind – which is analytical, reliant on often-flawed reason alone

Then there is a deeper knowing – the knowing of the spirit

This is not a feeling, but a deep sense

Not an instinct, but a deep intuition

Not an impulse, but the highest form of reason.

It’s your whole being calling on you to act

Shouting at you

Pulling you in a very definitive direction

The only thing you have to do at this point is either choose to ignore it or choose to go with it

To doubt or to trust,

The opportunity to liberate yourself and open the flood gates to new possibilities

Setting you onto a new course

Giving full life a real chance and setting yourself onto the path that was laid out for you since the beginning of creation.

This deep knowing can be cultivated

You can learn to trust

You can learn to recognise that calling when it dawns upon you

But it requires you to first silence the noise

To tune in

And then, at some point, to be courageous and have that conviction to take that leap of faith.


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