• Michael Dahdal

The Small Stuff

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

We often get so fixated on the big things that we completely miss the small stuff that really actually matters.

We have somehow convinced ourselves that everything we do has to be big, that change comes in massive waves, or not at all.

That you always need to be bold and daring

That what you do needs to be visible enough for all to see or else it doesn’t count

But the reality is;

It’s the tiny things that make the difference, the real difference.

The little stuff that no-one sees

That gentle stare

A touch

A show of kindness, your thoughtfulness

Approaching those you Love with care and tenderness.

It’s about brushing your teeth every day

Getting up at the right time

Making your bed

Showing up

Following through

Delivering on your promises

It’s not about gifts, bells and whistles

Or a new car

A fancy school or a display home

Or bringing home a bigger pay cheque

or talking a big game and making empty promises

But about really giving something of yourself,

Your time, your attention, your Love your presence

It’s about human connection, cooperation and being fully alive

If you want change, real change, the type that lasts

Then you don’t want revolution, what you need is evolution.

Don’t just act on a whim, a burst of emotion or frustration, but rather be slow and steady, consistently chipping away, one little thing at a time.

It’s not about doing things once in a big way,

But doing the small things repeatedly,

Forming good habits and embodying change, real growth and transformation.

You may often hear the terms ‘ don’t sweat the small stuff ‘, but it’s the small stuff that you should be sweating, because the bottom line is,

that the devil is always in the detail.

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