• Michael Dahdal

Starting Again

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Each sunrise brings with it a breath of life.

Literally, the world re-awakens with each new day

Each new day is an opportunity to rise from your slumber and go again

It’s the perpetual cycle of nature, the setting of the sun, only for it to rise

With each ending, a new beginning

With each death, an opportunity for new life

Each day affords you the opportunity – the opportunity to maintain the status quo, to keep things as they are

or the opportunity to put yesterday behind you

Today is literally new day

Bringing with it new possibilities

New potential

Today, if you want to, you can start again

You can breath new life into whatever it is you’re doing

You can start something, giving birth to your new idea

You can revisit a failure and go give it another shot

It’s not too late, it never was, it never is

Your efforts are never futile

Time stops for no-one.

If you don't go on with it, it will simply go on without you.

One thing you can always be sure of, is that the sun will always rise again

No world wars

No nuclear holocaust

No disappointments

No death or birth will ever change the fact that tomorrow will come

Bringing with it, if nothing else, new hope

And as sure as the sun rises, so can you

The world is full of wonder

All you need to do is answer the call when it comes knocking on your window every morning

Make no mistake, the sun never stops shining, not even on the blind

Not even on those who choose to ignore it - it's always there, bringing with it new life.

So may every sunset bring you rest and may every sunrise continue to bring you hope.

Today, tell yourself, I will start again.

And then go ahead and do just that.

#start #sunrise #hope

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