• Michael Dahdal

Awakening Possibility

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Too often we get fixated on what’s happening, that we lose sight of what’s possible.

Vision, the ability to see, is literally that spark in your eye that allows you to look beyond

Having a vision for your life will help propel you forward

Not just to see what’s in front of you, but to also see what’s possible.

It’s changing the conversation to consider:

What if?

Instead of focusing on what you should do, it's focusing on what you could do.

It’s about considering who you are versus who you could be.

In changing the focus from what you can’t do, to what you can do.

It’s this possibility that lights up your world, literally, firing up your nervous system

Replacing fear with hope

Obligation with opportunity

And death with life

It’s that instant of realisation

That epiphany

That road to Damascus moment

when you really begin to understand, that there is more to life and a different way of doing things.

That breakthrough, knocking down the boundaries (and limits) you've set for yourself

Finding out that you’re confined more so by your imagination than you are by circumstance.

Awakening possibility is what helps you grow, it’s what helps propel you forward towards what could be.

It’s where change and transformation occurs

It’s the difference between surviving and thriving

Moving from closed to open

It’s in that space of possibility where life essentially moves into the fullness of its potential

In exploring the limits of your capabilities

There's a reason why as humans we are inherently curious, why we explore space and ask questions of the universe,

Because life itself asks us the question: what is possible?

But very seldom do we take the time to answer that call, and that's why we are left feeling dormant and wanting,

Asleep rather than awakened

So it may be worth considering, even if only for a second, to write down and map out not only what it probable for your life, but instead what is actually possible

And then see how that changes your outlook.

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