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Balancing Energy

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Balance is more about energy management than it is about time or a simple state of mind.

Too often we come home after a long day and want to do nothing but lay on the lounge, sleep or watch something brain numbing on Netflix.

Reality is, we often mistake this state with being tired.

In a sense, it’s true – you are tired, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

What you do about this ‘feeling of tired’ is the critical point.

You see, we often mistake tired for exhaustion, meaning that you’ve exhausted both your physical and mental faculties.

When in reality, that's not entirely true.

What you may have exhausted somewhat is your energy.

So the challenge then is recognising the difference between actually being tired (exhausted) and being ‘low energy’ – because there’s a clear difference.

Where I find people tend to get it wrong, is they are resting, when they are feeling low energy.

That’s akin to parking your car when it's out of fuel, or leaving your phone uncharged.

So ‘resting’ or ‘sleeping’ when you are low energy may not actually be the right thing for you to do at that point.

When you’re low energy, what you actually need to do, is recharge.


Build energy

Energy is heat, so instead of resting at this point, what you need to do is move.

Generate heat.

Get the blood circulating.

Your heart pumping

Your chi flowing.

Address your excess yin chi, by building your yang chi.

There’s an energetic interaction that constantly needs to be managed, this is how true balance is maintained, energetically.

It’s about being able to recognise what you need when you need it, in real time.

Knowing the difference between being low energy and being tired.

Being in tune with yourself and your environment

What your giving your attention to

What is draining you and what’s charging you

And then adapting your behaviour accordingly.

So in that sense, balance is not about sitting around all day meditating.

It’s not about managing your time

It’s not about work-life balance

It goes much deeper than that.

There’s movement and stillness

There's activity and vitality.

Balance is something to be maintained, like walking across a high rope, lean too much to one side and you need

to correct, move too much to the other, and again you need to correct - otherwise, you'll fall right off.

There's motion, interaction, a natural flow.

So if you spend too much time moving or thinking – learn to be still.

If you’re still, lazy and procrastinate too much – then you need move.

Getting aligned with natures way of expressing balance will help you live a fuller richer life.

You’ll sleep much better knowing that you worked hard.

Because the harder you work, the better you’ll actually rest, this is the duality you’ll find in life everywhere you look.

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