• Michael Dahdal

In The Name Of Progress

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

We tear families and communities apart in the name of progress

We abandon our most loyal and trusted friends in the name of progress

We exploit our environment and natural resources in the name of progress

We sound the drums of war in the name of progress

We elevate our own freedoms, whilst infringing on the freedom of others, all in the name of progress

We redefine nature and biology in the name of progress

We nourish ourselves with poisons in the name of progress

We jockey for power and destroy the lives of others in the name of progress

We inject ourselves with synthetic pharmaceuticals in the name of progress

We elevate ourselves and our needs at the expense of others in the name of progress

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for human progress

I’m all for being responsible, not only for yourself, but also for your neighbours

But perhaps we need to be clearer on what progress actually means

Perhaps progress is best defined as something that happens within you, as an individual

The contributions you make to your family, your friends and your community.

Perhaps progress is a personal struggle, a struggle for you to live up to your God given potential, as a human being.

To get your own priorities and house in order

To double down on the people and things that matter most, not just now, but in the grander scheme of things

Perhaps progress is more about cultivating better relationships, rather than making more money

Perhaps progress is about living in better harmony with nature, rather than fighting against it

In developing your own character instead of seeking hedonistic pleasures, with the belief that you’re only exercising your ‘right’ to pursue happiness

Perhaps progress is becoming a better part of a long-standing tradition, rather than trying to tear it down in order to redefine a new one

Perhaps its about respecting and valuing our elders, instead of labelling them a burden and locking them away to die

Perhaps progress is about having the compassion and strength of will to put others before your self, and actually being completely ok with that

Perhaps progress means keeping families and communities together

Perhaps progress means bringing yourself closer to the greatest possible good and then being able to embody that in every situation

Perhaps it’s having the courage and conviction to speak your mind, speak truth to others, even if it means someone may get offended

Perhaps there is progress in being humbled, rather than in mere prideful boasting

Perhaps you’ve never really thought about the meaning of progress,

But perhaps you probably should.


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