Managing Expectations

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We all expect much of others, we expect much of ourselves and expect much of life.

But I believe we are looking at it all wrong.

Your attention shouldn’t be focused on what you expect of life, but rather what life expects of you.

What is your unique calling

What are your unique qualities

What is it that you can bring, that no one else can, that will leave a mark on others

You see, we all have a need to be needed, to feel valued, to know that we are making a meaningful contribution

To know that we will be missed when we are gone,

That we are relied upon

This is sometimes quite a burden to bare, there’s an unavoidable and inherent element of self-sacrifice in it,

Sometimes even some personal suffering to be endured

But this is where meaning is ultimately found, not in suffering per se, but in answering what you’re called to do, who you are called to be, regardless of the consequences

In actualising your unique human potentialities, as each situation calls upon you to do