• Michael Dahdal

Missing Pieces

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

A full human life is made of different pieces; and it’s how (and to what extent) all these pieces are integrated that ultimately forms your human experience.

These are basic building blocks, things, as members of the same species we all have in common.

The need for Love and human connection

The need for purpose

The ability to grasp the dichotomy of life and garner balance

Having to contend with our own fears and insecurities

Limited only by the conditions nature places on us.

We all experience pain and suffering, we all bleed the same blood.

We all long for meaning, trying to make better sense of our lives – knowing that it is only just a blip in time.

Life is at it’s darkest when you feel most alone.

When you don’t have purpose

When you are crippled by your fears

When you live contrary to your inherent human nature

And when you’re missing the piece that underpins it all, Love.

Not merely to be in Love, but having the ability to experience it.

To live with Love, to express it and have it expressed to you

The absence of Love, in the purest sense, does not have a worthy substitute. Nothing can or will ever fill that void,

Not alcohol or drugs

Not travel

Not work

Not sex

Not Netflix

Because Love is the ultimate source of life, so a full life – the full richness of the human experience, is elevating your self to that plain;

To open yourself up

To to live in alignment with nature and with what your humanity calls on you to do.

and who it calls on you to be.

The full life is one without any missing pieces;

It’s the full spectrum, of defeats and victories, of overcoming pain and suffering, of conquering your fears and finding and living with purpose.

Built around the fulcrum of Love.

This is what a full life is and how the full human life is lived.

So don't try and be perfect, instead, just try and Be Human.

#humanconnection #healing

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