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No Doubt

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

In the words of Khalil Gibran “doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother”

Doubt is a natural part of life, we all second-guess

We second-guess our choices

We second-guess ourselves

Our friends

We second-guess life itself at times

The issue therefore is not doubt, but rather the absence or lack of faith.

Part of the function of your brain is to assess and mitigate risk.

Your brain likes predictability, it doesn’t like uncertainty, it wants comfort and security for you, it's its way of keeping you alive.

But keeping you alive, doesn't mean living and rarely is there growth in merely surviving.

Reality is, sometimes you need to leave the cave to hunt and gather, other wise you’ll simply wither away and die.

So then, there’s this interplay between doubt and faith

Between risk and reward

Between knowing and doing

And too often we try to reason our way through it by using our rational functions.

We analyse all the variables and cling, attaching ourselves to specific outcomes

But if the outcome we seek cannot be guaranteed, then we allow doubt to take root.

Here’s the thing, the outcome can never be completely guaranteed

Life has ebbs and flows, an unpredictable element to it.

The legal term is ‘acts of God’,

Circumstances that can’t be foreseen or mitigated.

So in the absence of absolute certainty, do you simply do nothing?

I would hope not. You go on and continue to propel yourself forward, because thats what living is.

How then do you begin to approach this natural human dilemma, this doubt and uncertainty?

In the question, lies your answer.

This is a uniquely human dilemma and as such, you must approach it as a human.

Over analysing all the variables, computing them, is only part of your experience – if you rely on that exclusively however, you lose a little bit, because you’re essentially trying to calculate, as a machine would do.

You’re not machine, you are human, so be Human.

There’s a deeper sense in that, that needs to be cultivated.

And by deeper sense, I don’t mean a sense based purely on emotion either.

Reality is, your emotional centre is where most of your choices come from, and it’s embedded in your limbic system, in your biology.

However, you’re not merely a biological organism either.

Your humanity is to be found somewhere in between.

In between your emotional centre and your rationality.

In simple terms, it’s found in the heart.

The full human experience is lived from the heart and it’s in the heart that you ultimately find all your answers.

But to do so, you need to transcend your biology and let go of your attachment to rationality somewhat

You need to be able to go deeper, to go 'there’ to 'that place' to be able to fully connect with your humanity and what it calls on you to do (and be).

Reflecting your sense of deeper purpose.

To always act in Love and with Love.

If you tune in enough, you’ll not only tap in to a sense of ‘feeling’ – but rather you’ll tap into a deeper sense of ‘knowing’.

There is a letting go in that and it’s where faith lies.

Faith is being able to take that first step, without seeing the whole staircase.

It’s not completely irrational, but there is an element of underlying trust, a trust in yourself and in some higher calling that is guiding you - so let yourself be guided.

It’s in this knowing, where your full life is to be found and lived and your full human potential is realised

Because a full human life, is not lived in the mind, or with pure emotion

But a full human life is instead lived from the heart.

#doubt #Faith

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