• Michael Dahdal

Movement Is Life

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

It’s when you move, that life actually happens.

Stagnation is a myth - if you’re not growing, you’re essentially dying

It’s either forward motion, or going backwards.

It’s progress or regress

It’s being respondent or despondent

If you don’t use your body, it begins to deteriorate.

If you don’t challenge your intellect, it begins you fade.

If you don’t test your will, it weakens

If you don’t cultivate your spirit, it’s slowly becomes corrupted

This forward motion, the realising of inherent potential is what essentially keeps you alive.

But it’s not just about keeping you alive, it’s about living.

It’s about generating energy, that heat that will keep your flame burning.

Without that, whatever light you have inside, will slowly begin to fade.

It’s in the reaching for, in the discomfort, in the struggle and in the movement where life actually happens

A life without possibility, without potential, is no life at all.

It’s either a life of perpetual growth, or a life of perpetual decay - and you get to choose.

Decay is essentially the beginning of the dying process.

So in order to live a full life and to realise the richness of what you’re truly capable of

You need to move

Just that little step forward, a little step each day

Move your body, move your mind

Make a decision, find a resolution, grapple with an idea, stop avoiding and attend to whatever it is that your life is calling on you to do.

And then it’s this flow, this interplay between movement and stillness that keeps your life in perfect balance.

#movement #naturallife

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