• Michael Dahdal

The Human Art Of Teaching

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Teaching and learning is grossly undervalued.

Although individual and social learning occurs across all species

We, as humans, don’t just passively observe other species and learn from them, we actually set out to teach each other

And that is very rare in the animal kingdom.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about it,

The way in which we share knowledge, impart wisdom, and are able to reflect on our lived experience, is almost exclusively unique to humans.

It’s one of the few things that sets us apart from all other species

So dare I say without adopting your ability to teach and learn, you reduce yourself

Denying your full human capacity; and in a sense, living contrary to your very nature.

Because it’s these unique qualities that allow you to move forward and grow

To explore and discover

Instilling in you an inherent potential infinitely greater than anything that exists in any other species.

But with that, comes inevitable responsibility

A responsibility to realise that potential

Connecting with all your unique abilities, whilst asking yourself the question,

‘What am I capable of?’ and then making it a point to always reach for that.

Not just in terms of work and productivity

Or in feats of human innovation and engineering

But also in your capacity to Love, to share, to forgive and do good

This will give your life a sense of meaning and purpose;

Knowing that you're using all of your God given talents

And sharing them with the world - just like you were intended to.

#teaching #education

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