The Happiness Delusion

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You’ve been sold a lie.

The lie that the purpose of life is to be happy

That you must always do the things that make you happy

That the pursuit of happiness is not only your right, but also your obligation

And it’s up to you to spend your time (and money) seeking out different forms of self-gratification, moving towards pleasure and avoiding pain.

Looking for ways to make things easy whilst shying away from anything that seems difficult.

All the while assuming you’ve even been able to fully comprehend what happiness actually means.

The modern form of happiness, at least how it’s expressed and come to be understood in pop culture, seems limited to working towards satisfying all of your personal desires.

In orientating your life towards chasing those fleeting moments of pleasure usually expressed through some form of euphoric ecstasy.

The pursuit of happiness in that sense is akin to going through life, looking for your next fix,

That all-important next fix that will make you feel important, alive, valued, and even free.

And so the cycle goes, each time leaving you feeling more empty and dissatisfied.