Cultural Mining

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Each culture has embedded within it some features that make it distinct.

A range of customs, social behaviours or values that differentiates it from other cultures, providing a unique perspective (or commentary) on how life is best lived.

Cultures tend to emerge around central themes or ideas that are adopted by the collective and this has been the case for millennia.

So what we essentially have hidden in each culture, but have not yet fully realised, is an archive of knowledge mapping the human experience across a vast expanse of geography and time.

Walking, talking, living encyclopaedias

Profound wisdoms and lessons to be learnt, which are still as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

Cultural mining is the process of extracting these wisdoms (or ideas) from the raw ore of culture.

Underlining a simple idea that we have built our whole approach on; that life itself has much to teach you, if only you are silent for long enough to listen and look closely enough to see.

The world is expansive, with a multitude of cultures and sub-cultures, age old rituals and traditions, with each carrying within it a lesson that can change your life in the simplest yet most profound ways.

But this is where we also see things a little differently.

Where the world is increasingly obsessed with diversity, we are much more fascinated with what we all share in common.

What are those threads that tie us all together, that makes us fundamentally human?