• Michael Dahdal

The Nature Of Reality

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You can delude yourself into almost anything.

But the problem with delusion is you end up living in a world of fantasy.

Sure delusion may be good to venture into from time to time, especially if you’re a creative type,

But living there is another matter all together.

Then there is the nature of reality.

An objective view of the world, that has hidden in it elements of truth.

Those things that are embedded deep within you and around you, that remain undeniable.

They are often hard hitting, so hard hitting in fact, that we don't want to face up to them,

As is often said, the truth hurts.

Sure, you can continue deluding yourself forever, convincing yourself whatever you like.

That you’re somehow invincible and are going to live forever,

But thats just ego getting in the way.

Despite all your efforts to the contrary, reality has this way of sticking around and coming back to bite you.

You can deny it, try and ignore it, but it’s always there.

The reality of your fears and your insecurities

The reality of your vulnerabilities

The reality of your circumstances and your relationships,

Your inherent potential and your limitations

The reality of what’s possible and what’s not

The reality of both your strengths and your inadequacies

It’s in this realm of reality that real life is lived.

All the victories and all the defeats, the full human experience.

Sure you can continue deluding yourself forever – but not facing up to the realities of your life, means avoiding life itself.

And it’s only in living out this truth that you will ultimately be set free.


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