• Michael Dahdal

Establishing Structure

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

People often come to me, a little lost and a little confused.

It’s no wonder.

I’d feel a little lost and confused to if I was navigating terrain I didn’t understand without a map of some kind.

Which direction do I go in?

How do I get to safety?

Where do I find the treasure exactly?

It’s a little bewildering, the epitome of chaos.

Nothing constructive ever comes out of chaos and without some structure, chaos rules.

Life works in a similar vein.

It needs structure; you need to understand the terrain that you’re navigating.

Where you came from, where you’re going and why.

The postmodern project has seen the tearing down of institutions, giving rise to an individual subjective reality above all else.

In short, you can make up your own rules independent of any objective reality – heck, you can even make up the nature of reality itself if you want to.

In theory, that works, but when moving from a realm of theory (or philosophy) to the practicalities of navigating your own life here and now, it’s difficult to tear down natural or social structures without replacing them.

And herein lies the challenge.

If there is a structural void that needs to be filled, how do you go about filling it?

The simply answer is, by firmly and intentionally setting out to re-establishing structure.

Giving your life some sense of order, focus and direction.

A structure that is based on some fundamental values, on guiding principles.

Some rules to live by that commit you to a certain ‘way’ of approaching life.

An overarching approach, providing you with map that allows you a reference point when you’re considering the moral or ethical issues of the day

A path that that commits you to something bigger than your self

Built on a solid foundation that has a sense of universality and can stand the test of time.

So you’re not changing the essence of who you are as soon as your circumstances change or things get tough.

Having this structure allows you to stay true to your convictions.

To know what you should be doing in any given situation, regardless of how you might feel about it.

To be steadfast and consistent in your approach, in firmly establishing some roots and keeping yourself grounded.

Bringing greater clarity and intention to everything you do.

So there’s a reason for your ‘being’, a purpose, some sense meaning.

Always reaching for something beyond your self, a set of ideals you’ve established (or decided to subscribe to) that in a sense begin to govern you.

Let that be your commitment and then see how you go.

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