Leaking Time

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You have the best of intentions when you wake up each morning.

You have plenty you want to get done, but somehow each item on your list manages to slip away from you.

What happened?

Are there not enough hours in the day?

Were you overly ambitious and asking too much of yourself?

My guess, it’s probably something a little more fundamental, time.

Not, 'managing your time better' per se, but rather your deep lying appreciation for it.

Life, if nothing else, is made up of time – wasting away time, is essentially wasting away your life.

It’s your most valuable resource, but rarely do we treat it as such.

Sure, you don’t deliberately intend to waste your time, but that’s exactly the point, by not intending anything, you essentially surrender.

By not choosing, others are left to choose for you.

Robbing you of your time, your focus and your attention.

It’s no wonder we sometimes feel busy, but unproductive, running around aimlessly getting nothing done.