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Emotional Discipline

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

How often have you heard the phrase, ‘I don’t feel like it’?

Maybe life isn’t about doing what you feel like doing – maybe life is about doing what needs to be done.

Knowing what the right thing to do is and then aiming for that, the best way you know how, in every situation.

You see you are not your emotions.

How you feel is indicative of something going on, but YOU have the ability to temper it, regulate it, harness and direct it.

It's a matter of whether you allow your emotions to control you or whether you are able to control your emotions.

So I’m not really so concerned with how you feel at this point,

But I am very much concerned about what you do and what your intention is for doing it.

Emotions tend to be irrational, so if you allow yourself to be purely guided by them, then by default you to become irrational.

I’m not suggesting you to ignore, suppress or avoid your emotions, quite the contrary – it is part of what drives you and makes you human.

Instead I’m asking you to put everything in its proper place.

To cultivate greater awareness of your self.

of your guiding principles and the rules you choose to live by.

To connect with that part of you that transcends ‘how you feel’ and calls on you to elevate your self, to strive to rise above and reach for something greater.

To stay in constant pursuit of doing what you know to be right.

It’s that dichotomy between ‘what’s urgent’ (your immediate impulse) and ‘what’s important’ (your ability to reach beyond, without ever losing sight of the bigger picture).

I don’t believe you can choose how you feel, but I do believe that you can always choose how you respond (what you do about it).

Emotional discipline is about being able to put your emotions aside when you need to

To feel deeply, but not allow yourself to be overcome and fall victim to your feelings

To not allow your feelings, your fears, your anxieties or even your excitement for that matter, fully dictate your behaviour at any given moment

Throwing you off course and stopping you from doing what you know needs to be done.

This is not easy to do, it requires a strength of will and courage - but if you can bring yourself to master it, it will undoubtedly serve you well.

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