Answering The Call

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Why are hero’s so revered?

What is it about them that we hold in such high regard? Is it only that they give you hope in a world that otherwise seems hopeless, or is there a little more to it than that?

You see, a hero has qualities that are for some reason or another considered admirable – this has been typical across cultures and across time.

Regardless of where you come from, there seems to be an inherent calling we all have, that draws us towards the character of the archetypical hero.

Something we recognise in them as being virtuous or noble.

Perhaps there are qualities in them that mirror a deeper yearning we have within ourselves.

That yearning to be the hero in your own life

To embody the qualities in yourself, that would otherwise be typical in someone you admire.

Unleashing your unrealised potential in the process and uncovering exactly what you’re capable of.

Finding satisfaction in knowing that you do all you can do and that you are all you can be.