• Michael Dahdal

Following Through

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Talk is cheap; anyone can talk a big game.

You can have the best of intentions,

Give your word

Promise the world

But all of it means very little if you’re not consistently following through,

If you’re always hesitating, doubting yourself.

Afraid of committing or constantly allowing yourself to be crippled by fear.

Or maybe you're just avoiding your responsibilities all together!

Following through takes courage, but it will undoubtedly set you apart from everyone else.

If following through were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Wanting is one thing.

Committing is another.

Starting is difficult enough in itself, but following through; seeing something through to the end is what will ultimately give your life that sense of meaning.

Some direction, something to aim for, that sense of purpose.

It will also ensure your credibility and integrity remain in tact – others will know that they can simply take you at your word.

Following through will give you the best shot at success, regardless of how you may define it; and ultimately it will help you rest easy, knowing that you’re living up to your responsibilities.

It’s in the ‘doing’ that your inner and outer worlds begin to align.

Setting an intention is one thing, but following through is a completely different ball game.

It’s the one thing that will help you graduate from the little leagues to the big leagues.

#followingthrough #commitment

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