• Michael Dahdal

Compromising Your Life Away

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Little by little, we make compromises. They don’t seem like much at the time, but before you know it, you’ve compromised so much that you don’t even recognise yourself anymore.

Whether it’s in a relationship or at work, at some point, you become absent.

The person you are, is no longer there, you’re just surviving; going through the motions – doing your best to keep it together.

You’re alive, but not living.

It’s not intentional, you didn’t mean for it to be this way, but alas, everything just snuck up on you during your absence.

Little by little, chipping away, in increments so small that you’d hardly even notice.

But over time, it all adds up.

You find yourself drifting away from the shore, looking back and thinking; how on earth did I get here?

The problem with compromising is that no-one ever gets what they want.

You get a half hearted watered down version of what you set out for.

You give up some of what you want, in exchange for someone else giving up some of what they want too, so you can settle for something in the middle.

The inevitable outcome is that no-one gets what they set out for. You both lose.

So the alternative? A high-value trade.

That is, you give someone exactly what they ask for; something that's of high value to them, in exchange for something that's of high value to you.

This way you don't lose out; you remain committed and steadfast in reaffirming what you value.

Achieving an outcome that truly reflects something authentic about you.

You're clear in your convictions – and uncompromising.

It may sound a little harsh, but it’s really not – it’s just a matter of semantics.

In today’s culture, this would simply be referred to as, ‘staying true to your self’.

So I say to you right now; be intentional.

Be present and engaged in your own life.

Be clear on what you value and what’s important to you.

And then, stop compromising your life away.

Stay true, not at the expense of others, but rather in a way that also adds value to them.


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