• Michael Dahdal

Watch And Learn

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It was Albert Einstein that suggested:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”

That’s the thing, many of the answers you’re seeking, might be right there in front of you - hidden in plain sight.

But the problem is, for a multitude of reasons, you’ve simply forgotten how to just watch and learn.

As children, watching and imitating is the backbone of our education.

So by simply paying closer attention to the little details, you’ll be surprised at what life can teach you.

Try this.

Think of a problem, any problem and challenge yourself to observe life closely for a week - see if you can find the answer.

It’s this curiosity that essentially propels you forward.

That allows you to extract the lessons out of every moment, every interaction and every situation you find yourself in.

How did you get to where you are right now?

Why do you not know your neighbours name?

Why do you have more that 10 tabs open on your web browser?

What can nature teach you about human behaviour, if anything?

How have others lived before you and what can that teach you about how you might be able to live your life that little bit better?

Research suggests that you come across approximately 5,000 ads per day, yes, 5,000!

Not to mention all the messages and emails in addition to the demands placed on you at work or by friends.

You're essentially being robbed of your attention.

But when you begin to realise that you currently live in an information super highway, you'll appreciate why it's so difficult for you to stop and pay closer attention.

But stopping and paying attention is exactly what you should be doing.

How you manage your attention is paramount and it is one thing that remains within your control.

So this is a slight homage to the emerging slow movement.

Slowing down will not only help you alleviate stress – but you’ll be more present, able to watch closely as life unfolds before you - taking away with you those little hidden gems that will actually make your life better and ultimately worth living.

Life itself is a great teacher; we just need to re-learn the art of being better students.

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