The Stories We Tell

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Everything is a story.

How you view the world is very much dependant on the story (or stories) you tell yourself.

All the underlying assumptions you hold are built on a kind of narrative structure.

This structure is what ultimately allows you to navigate the world and make sense of things, it's the foundation on which your lived experience is built on.

Your whole belief system is predicated on the stories that you’ve adopted or created for yourself.

But what happens if your story isn’t too clear?

If you’re not sure what the story is or what character you've been cast as?

If you observe closely enough, you’ll actually find yourself already acting it out – the script is there, you just haven’t articulated it yet.

You’ve been involved in some kind of improvisation, trying to figure things out as you go.

So taking the time to write it out, detaching yourself from it and looking at it a little more objectively, has some infinite value – because without understanding the role you’re playing, you’ll always be at the mercy of others.

Playing a role in someone else's film, without ever having the opportunity to develop and star in your own.

Now the more you tell yourself the story, the more embedded it becomes in your psyche.