Generating Space

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Life can get overwhelming.

Everyone wants a piece of you; competing for your attention.

Your work pays you, so they can literally own your time and you voluntarily choose to give it up in exchange for the benefits they offer you.

The world is constantly demanding things of you - pay your bills, buy this or do that.

Your head is filled with a million contradictory thoughts, ideas, emotions, doubts and frustrations - who or what should you believe, what should you do?

Bottom line, you’re full of it. Full of everything.

There appears to be no time, no choice and not even a chance for simple contemplation.

Everyone is all up in your shit, you’re up in your own shit and self sabotaging, feeling smothered to a point where you can’t even breathe.

Here's the thing, there is no life without breath and no one is going to give you an inch.

So you have to take it.

You do have a choice, either maintain the status quo, or generate some space.

Give yourself an opportunity to get clear, get focused and establish a vision for your life.

Set some boundaries and recognise the potential.