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Being Creative

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Everything (quite literally) begins with an idea.

When you have an idea, any idea, what you’re essentially experiencing is creative potential.

No creative process can begin without an idea, but plenty of ideas never lead to a creative process.

To create is to actualise, not to merely contemplate.

So in that sense, what you do with your idea bears some real significance.

Being creative, means acting.

Because an idea is essentially only a seed, which when properly nurtured has the inherent potential to grow into almost anything.

Only you have the unique ability to manifest your idea into existence - this is your responsibility and no-one else's.

So it's totally dependent, not on what you wish for, but on what you do.

When you act, what you’re essentially doing is giving birth, bringing to life something that would otherwise only ever exist in your mind.

So to create is to conceive and to give birth to.

You don’t have to be a poet, a filmmaker or a sculptor.

You just have to take your idea and to bring it to life.

Breathe it into existence.

Pluck it out from obscurity and invite into the world.

The process of creation will almost instantly revive your spirit and set your soul on fire.

But it requires you to be brave.

It requires you to engage with life in meaningful ways and understand that you have both a responsibility, and a contribution to make.

Locking yourself up inside a cubicle or hiding from the world, does nothing more than dim your light.

Suppressing your nature, because your nature is and wants you to be creative.

By failing to live up to it, you wouldn't only be doing yourself a disservice, you’d be doing the rest of us a disservice too - because we’ll never have the good fortune of ever experiencing what you have to offer.

Nor will you ever have the pleasure of realising what you're capable of.

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