• Michael Dahdal

The Truth Is Lived

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

You see, what you do, suggests much more about you than anything you can ever say or articulate verbally.

The problem arises however when there is a disconnect between what you say and what you do.

It's quite common to have someone tell you one thing, but when considered closely, their actions contradict - meaning they are either kidding themselves, or they are kidding you.

So just reflect on that for a second.

What do you value more, what someone tells you, or what they show you or how they act, their behaviour towards you and their deeds?

You see what you do, how you act and respond to things, is a manifestation of both your conscious and subconscious.

And thats why it's so valuable in depicting what you actually believe, not what you think you believe.

Life tends to be a series of clashes between competing values and competing priorities and your behaviour (and your choices) are the ultimate reflection of the truth of what you believe to be important.

Managing that conflict is not always easy and when there is conflict there is inevitable friction and ultimately some pain.

But sometimes pain is necessary, as that's what allows things to be worked out, so they can settle back into their natural order.

Beliefs however can be changed, so can you your words and your deeds - so how you approach your life, will obviously say something about you.

You can either remain indifferent and go with the flow, or you can heighten your awareness and become increasingly intentional about the choices you make and increasingly conscious of how your choices reflect back on you.

But let's be clear, indifference itself is active not passive.

Indecision is a kind of default decision.

If you are indecisive or indifferent about something, then that suggests that whatever it is you’re proclaiming, really isn’t that important, despite your insistence to the contrary.

If it was, you would set aside the time and attention required to properly attend to it.

Sure, sometimes your hands may seem tied, but the mistake we often make is that we focus on what we can’t do, rather than on what we can.

The challenge then is to get what you say and what you do into alignment.

To get clear about your priorities, your thoughts and your actions so your life begins to reflect the truth.

This alignment is what allows you to minimise any misguided friction, so you can begin dealing with the reality of your situation.

Much angst can be caused when you feel that you’re living a lie, so in this sense, the truth really is the only remedy that shall set you free.


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