• Michael Dahdal

The Language Of Responsibility

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Do you give reasons or do you make excuses?

An excuse is a story you tell to outsource your responsibility and project it onto someone else, a reason, is a legitimate explanation grounded in reality.

There is a distinct difference between the two and how you use language often reflects what your natural inclination is.

Whether you take responsibility for the choices you make or whether you consider yourself some kind of helpless victim with no say in anything.

Maybe you even hide behind language because you're too afraid to face up to the harsh realities?

When we use certain words and phrases, we often don’t realise that we are reinforcing a narrative, a story we tell ourselves about our place in the world.

The more the story is reinforced, the more true it becomes.

What you fundamentally believe about yourself and the world you live in is deeply embedded in the words you choose to use.

How does saying ‘I won’t’, instead of ‘I can’t’ change the conversation?

How does saying ‘I want to’ or I choose to’, instead of ‘I have to’ change the conversation?

How does saying, ‘I have other priorities’, instead of ‘I don’t have time’ change the conversation?

How does saying, ‘I c