• Michael Dahdal

Nothing Will Change

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Despite your best of intentions, reality is, nothing will change if you don’t do anything different.

Life is not a Disney movie, we can’t wish upon a star and sit around hoping everything will sort itself out – that’s not how it works.

Truth is, if you’re waiting for someone to save you, give you a break or cut you some slack – it’s most probably never going to happen.

So the realisation you need to come to is simple: "no body is coming to rescue you!"

Start from there.

I know that sounds rather pessimistic, but I prefer to call it a healthy dose of reality.

But instead of getting all glum about it, it might be worthwhile also noting that the opposite is equally true.

Things can change if you really want them to.

But that also means you have to commit yourself to doing something different.

Taking a leap of faith, saying yes for a change and seeing where that takes you.

That comes with a little risk and uncertainty, but that's where the magic happens.

There are many kind people in the world, open and willing enough to help, but they aren't looking for you, you need to look for them and then you need to be brave enough to ask.

You also need to trust in your own abilities.

But the bottom line is, the initiative has to come from you.

You need to go from being on the back foot, to being on the front foot.

From being passive, to being active.

I know it isn’t easy to admit you might need a hand – but there’s actually great strength in it.

Accepting your vulnerabilities and understanding your limitations is in a sense overcoming pride and moving towards humility.

And it’s only in humility that we open ourselves up to others and to all the possibilities.

So the good news is, things can change, but it does require you to show up and do some work.

There is hope, but you need to move towards it.

The best way to break any cycle is to move forward, one little step at a time and part of that process is mustering up the strength and courage to do so.

As Viktor Frankl so eloquently put it, “when you are no longer able to change a situation, then you are challenged to change yourself”.

Remember, in nature and in evolution, it’s not the strongest that survive, but those that are most adaptable to change.

If you have the will, then there’s always a way, so I don't tend to buy the excuses.

I work with a lot of people, and most of them in fairness tend to get it, but very few of them change anything. They know what they should be doing, but yet they just don't do it. The challenge then is going from knowing to really understanding and then from understanding to actually doing (consistently).

So the only question you really need to ask yourself in any given situation is: what are you actually going to do about it?

And whatever your answer is to that question, will say something about you.

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