One Single Word

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It’s incredible how you can literally change the course of your whole life with one single word.

I wish this were some kind of sordid exaggeration, but it’s actually very true.

There are two words in particular that come to mind.

Let’s take the word ‘No’ as an example.

My experience suggests that many people find it very difficult to say 'No'.

Consistently accepting invitations when they really should decline.

Accepting whatever the boss throws at them and then finding themselves over worked.

Paying for things they really don’t need because they felt bad after all the effort the sales person put in.

Feeling guilty or afraid, because they are somehow convinced that if they say 'No', it could spell the end of a friendship and it would all be their fault.

But learning how to use that one word, No, could literally change your life.

No, is essentially a boundary and reinforcing boundaries is a skill you need to be able to keep the focus on only those things that you consider to be important.

It's about being very intentional about what you choose to give your time and attention to.

Without the ability to say No, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.