• Michael Dahdal

To Be Original

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The word ‘original’ is derived from the word ‘origin’.

So in a sense, to be original is to return to your origin.

To be able to express yourself honestly, outwardly reflecting to the world who you are fundamentally at your core.

You see, there is no other person in the world exactly like you.

Sure, there may be plenty of similarities, and that’s ok – but when you drill down into it, you are unique in the most literal sense.

Ponder that for a second - there is no one in this world exactly like you, it's quite a profound realisation when you consider it.

So then, to be truly original all you really need to do is to truly be your self.

To shed the ego and connect with those parts of you that makes you who you are - then have the courage to take full ownership of that

To take full ownership of your interests despite how ridiculous they may sound.

To take full ownership of your fears and vulnerabilities

To take full ownership of your many talents

To take full ownership of the choices you’ve made and their consequences

To take ownership of your ideas and the opinions you’ve formed

To take full ownership of all your limitations

To take full ownership of your history, your family, your culture and the environment and the traditions you’ve emerged from.

And use that to ultimately reconnect with your originality.

That most natural of state that you were created and intended for.

This is what it means to be original, because if you can be your self in the truest sense, then there’s nothing anyone in the world can ever do to replicate that.


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