Busy Will Get You Nowhere

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The quicker you realise that there’s a distinct difference between being busy and being productive, the better off you’ll be.

It was Hemingway that famously proclaimed “Never mistake motion for action” and how right he was.

You see busy is usually associated with having lots to do or remaining occupied, but very little to do with getting anything done.

You can actually be less busy and more productive and vice versa.

I have found that people are very rarely able to make this distinction and as a result find themselves often stuck in a whirlwind, going around in circles, yet never moving forward.

Being productive however breaks this cycle and propels you in the direction you want to go.

It's about having some tangible outcome as a direct result of your effort.

It’s about being proactive and not reactive.

And about knowing the difference between what you might normally consider urgent versus what’s actually important.

So, how do you do that exactly?