Making The Right Decision

Updated: Jan 3, 2020


There really is no such thing as making the right decision.

I could easily argue that there is a right and wrong way to conduct yourself in the world – but when it comes to the decisions you make, then a different dynamic applies.

But first, it’s important to make a distinction between a choice and a decision.

Choices tend to work when you have a myriad of options, decisions tend to apply when those options are narrowed down to two or three and you need to make some kind of commitment.

In that sense, there are no right and wrong decisions, there are just decisions.

Trying to pre-empt the right decision is almost futile.

Sure you can use your logic, your reason, past experiences, assess all the risks to try minimise any negative consequences – and although this may increase the likelihood that you’ll achieve your intended outcome, its certainly not a guarantee of it.

So what then do you do about that?

In my estimation you’ve really only got two options.

The first entails assessing the infinite number of variables to try and draw some conclusions about