• Michael Dahdal

Your Spoken Word

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Arguably, there is nothing more powerful than the spoken word.

Words can pierce,

They can persuade

They can manipulate

They can destroy relationships

Or be the glue that re-enforces social bonds by helping establish trust, credibility - providing a foundation for living a life of integrity.

Your spoken word represents everything about you and is your way of communicating that to the world.

Herein lies the challenge.

With the spoken word harbouring so much power, what then happens if what you say is not aligned with how you act (and vice versa)

Credibility is lost

Trust becomes difficult to maintain

And your life manifests itself as a kind of a lie

A life of repression and falsehood

In which case, one of the highest order values that you can ultimately pursue – is the pursuit of articulated truth.

That is, expressing your self honestly through use of spoken word.

What this does is liberate you, representing the ultimate of freedoms.

Allowing you (at the very least) to deal with reality as opposed to some artificially created situation you may have found yourself in.

I'm not talking about expressing how you feel, I'm talking about expressing who you are - this takes some higher order consideration.

Speaking truth then becomes a pursuit in itself.

I acknowledge, it’s not so easy and perhaps one of the most difficult things you’ll ever try to do.

Finding the right words, the right tone, the right timing to express your self clearly, concisely and consistently is a skill in itself that requires practice.

But the best way to practice is by doing.

It will require you to shed all the pretence and connect with deep parts of you that may have lay dormant for quite some time.

This is what we mean by awakening, facing up to reality, responding to the call and taking up the challenge.

Whether you realise it or not, you are the ultimate agent for change.

You can choose to speak and live truthfully, or you can choose to manipulate situations to ultimately get what you believe it is you want.

Whatever your choice, you will find that it will impact your immediate surroundings, like the ripples in a pond.

Your choice will either bring some certainty, clarity and order to a situation, or your silence and continued falsehood will ensure that confusion and chaos will continue to reign.

Speaking the truth is not devoid of consequences either.

Remember, light is what drives out darkness, so you’ll find some will continue to stick by you but others will scatter.

The point is, whoever you find yourself around, or whatever you find yourself doing – you’ll be far more engaged, more present and more readily able to go to bed with a clearer conscience.

It may not make life easier per se, but it will certainly make it real.

Such is the power of the spoken word.

#truth #speaking #authenticity

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