Clearing The Path

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

When I speak of simplifying, decluttering or indeed even minimalism, I’m often misunderstood as if I’m making some call for you to embrace a certain type of lifestyle.

There’s a semblance of truth in that, but there’s a little more to it.

Minimalism is not ‘the way’, but what rather a means that will allow for you to clear ‘the way’.

To remove as many unnecessary obstacles as possible, allowing your self to get a clear view and focus only on those things that are fundamentally important.

It’s very difficult to find what it is you’re looking for if it’s hidden under a pile of rubble.

It’s the old needle in a haystack analogy.

Remove the hay and only the needle remains.

Making it easy for you to find what it is you’re essentially looking for.

Life works in a similar vein.

So much of what matters, so much of what you want or more importantly need is hidden under a pile of non-essen