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It's Either Growth or Decay

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

People often come to me and tell me how they feel as if they are stagnating in life.

Everything is routine, they are not quite sure what they should be doing or where they are going.

They seem to be just going through the motions, dealing with the same old issues.

I know what stagnation feels like – I’ve been there.

It feels hopeless.

But the reality is, that stagnation doesn’t actually exist, it’s an illusion.

There's only really growth or there's decay,

Forwards or backwards,

Living or dying,

If you’re not growing, you’re essentially beginning to decay.

The beginning of the dying process.

If you’re not using your brain, more cells than usual begin to degenerate and eventually die off.

If you’re not active and not using your body, it begins to weaken

If you’re not cultivating your character through daily practice, it slowly begins to get corrupted.

If you’re not growing spiritually, then your spirit begins to diminish until any light that’s left in you, eventually goes out.

So how does growth work exactly?

Put it this way, growth is inherently linked to complexity

When you introduce complexity into your life, then this is the ideal environment for growth to occur.

When there are complex problems that need to be solved,

When there are physical challenges that need to be overcome,

When your attention is given to things that allow you to reach beyond what you believe yourself to be capable of.

There is no growth without an element of complexity and that also includes assuming some risk.

So essentially, if you’re living in a comfort zone – you may want to consider getting out of it and challenging yourself a little.

Complexity doesn’t mean chaos – but rather that universal sweet spot between chaos and order.

There is no growth in too much order and if there’s too much chaos, everything collapses in on itself.

So the secret really is to live in that optimal growth zone.

This will allow you to continue to grow, not only for the of purpose preserving life, but to ensure that life is also that little more meaningful and fulfilling.

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