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Avoiding The Issue

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Humans, unlike other animals have a unique relationship with time.

We can hold onto to the past, or project indefinitely into the future. This forms a kind of conundrum on several levels.

The first is the anxiety caused by holding onto events from our past and looping them endlessly in our minds - with no particular benefit.

And the second is this unspoken fear (or anxiety) associated with the most significant of all future events – the inevitability of our eventual demise (death).

We find a myriad of reasons not to have to think about or deal with them at any significant level.

So essentially, we simply tend to avoid them.

The problem here is that this avoidance tends to breed further anxiety as some unavoidable realities begin to creep up on you over time.

The more you avoid, the more it builds, until it eventually completely overwhelms you.

In a practical sense, this avoidance, translates to lots of things in your life more generally.

Avoiding cleaning your room.

Avoiding taking out the trash

Avoiding the gym.

Avoiding making that phone call or having that conversation you know needs to be had.

Avoiding making an apology

And so the list goes on.

The fact of the matter is, you make it very difficult for yourself to move forward in any kind of productive or meaningful way if you never really experience that sense of resolution.

Resolution is your ability to do everything within your power to address the pertinent issues in your life that you know need to be addressed.

It’s a kind of cleansing, a proverbial tying up of loose ends, and confronting reality in a way that allows you to put something to rest.

I would go so far as to link this process with the inherent life cycle pertaining to death and rebirth.

Death in some strange sense, paves the way for new life.

So whatever it is you’re avoiding, lives on until you resolve it – creating the opportunity for new life.

To enter into a new phase of growth

Creating space for new opportunities to prevail without having the weight of the world on your shoulders.

By failing to live in the present moment and failing to attend to the things that need attending to, you are in essence avoiding life itself.

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