• Michael Dahdal

Victory And Surrender

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Our culture has a way of equating victory with success and surrender with defeat.

Life has somehow been framed for you in a way that is very goal oriented. Where success is defined wholly by the outcome.

In this case, victory is the ultimate success.

You overcame, you conquered, you achieved what it is you set out to achieve.

You give yourself all the credit; you claim it, because the victory is ultimately yours and yours alone.

But what if life was more than just achieving your goal.

What if life’s ultimately purpose is to simply be lived, with all the fullness and the richness that’s available to you.

In this case, surrender is not defeat at all.

Surrender, in actual fact can be marked with beauty.

When you dance, you surrender yourself to the music.

When you give, you surrender your possessions.

Surrender is engagement with the present moment

And surrendering your pride, your ego and your personal desires, makes way for a whole range of possibilities.

The possibility to be healed and to be a healing presence to others.

Surrender is not passive, but active.

It is not weakness, but rather demonstrates great strength.

It’s the opening of your hand and your heart.

It’s letting go to let others do for you what you may not be able to do for yourself.

When you surrender your ego and your self, you win and others win to.

#humility #surrender

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