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The Fullness Of Your Nature

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

What do you think of when you hear of nature?

What about human nature?

What if I was to suggest the ‘natural state’ or the ‘laws of nature’?

What comes to mind?

As you may already know, one of our key pillars is ‘alignment with nature’ – this is a key part of the work we do.

The premise being, the closer you are to nature, the healthier, more joyful and fulfilled you will be.

In essence, working to return you to your most natural state.

But I find it becomes a little abstract if we aren’t clear about what nature actually means or what it refers to.

On the one hand, we have a physical universe. We have the sun, the moon, the stars, all the oceans and all the lands.

We have the flora and the fauna and all things material.

We have biology and physiology.

All the natural processes and biological drivers, that ultimately guide us towards physical survival.

More broadly, nature essentially refers to those things we’ve been given, those things we came into this world with at the very beginning of time, those things we didn’t have much of a choice over.

In essence, the more natural something is, the closer it is to it’s original state, undistorted, uncorrupted, essentially true to how it was created (or how we found it).

It’s why we don’t like processed foods.

It’s why we get a little down when we see what was once just called food, now has to be referred to as organic.

That’s simple enough to grasp - but this is where we find people start to get things a little wrong.

The definition of nature doesn’t stop with an examination of your physical and biological processes.

Yes we are animals.

Yes we are subject to biological urges and drivers.

But we are also much more than that.

Just as your body and the physical world has a pristine natural state, so too does your immaterial self.

Your conscious, your mind, your spirit – these are not material.

Not sure anyone can accurately define any of them in purely physical terms, yet we know them to exist.

Your mind is more than your brain, so where then does that fit in the 'being natural’ conversation?

If we are subject to natural biological drivers, are we then also subject to natural immaterial (dare we say spiritual) drivers?

Is there a part of you that’s unique to your humanity that transcends your mere biology, a part of you, that’s as natural as your body, but is not made of matter?

Can there be an uncorrupted, undistorted, pristine state to your spirit too?

We believe there clearly can be.

So when we speak of nature, we’re not only speaking of your physical nature, but also of your spiritual (conscious, immaterial) nature as well.

Your role is to get aligned with both and reconcile the difference between the two.

In one respect, embrace all your biology, those material parts of you that makes you part of this physical world, that essentially puts you in the same category as all the other animals.

On the other hand, you need to also embrace that higher part of your nature; that immaterial part that is just as real.

That part of you that makes you uniquely human.

Now the challenge is keeping the peace between the two and raising yourself up to what the fullness of your human nature calls you to do (and be).

So, when we seek to define nature, we are talking about the totality of what makes you human; whilst working to better understand the conditions that are best, not only for your body to thrive, but also your spirit.

This calls on you to constantly make choices about what’s really best for you on all levels

To live your life with greater awareness and a greater intention

To establish some values and clear boundaries around that, so you can properly focus in on nurturing and nourishing all of your faculties.

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