The Fullness Of Your Nature

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

What do you think of when you hear of nature?

What about human nature?

What if I was to suggest the ‘natural state’ or the ‘laws of nature’?

What comes to mind?

As you may already know, one of our key pillars is ‘alignment with nature’ – this is a key part of the work we do.

The premise being, the closer you are to nature, the healthier, more joyful and fulfilled you will be.

In essence, working to return you to your most natural state.

But I find it becomes a little abstract if we aren’t clear about what nature actually means or what it refers to.

On the one hand, we have a physical universe. We have the sun, the moon, the stars, all the oceans and all the lands.

We have the flora and the fauna and all things material.

We have biology and physiology.

All the natural processes and biological drivers, that ultimately guide us towards physical survival.

More broadly, nature essentially re