Hope Springs Eternal

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

It is in your nature to always find fresh cause for optimism.

It’s what drives you forward and keeps you going.

Hopelessness and despair chips away at your very soul, it’s unfamiliar to you, a distortion of your nature, leaving you feeling out of place.

Hopelessness is a spiral down, it leaves you feeling heavy, compounding to a point of an almost paralysis.

Hope is that little bit of light, amidst the otherwise darkness.

It’s that spark, that if illuminated can help guide you forward.

Hope also compounds, but the onus is on you to keep finding reasons to be hopeful.

What is that thing that makes your life worth living?

Reach for that and find cause for optimism. Be grateful - for even the hardships you endure have a way of shaping your character.

No one likes suffering, but as I have argued before, suffering is a pre-requisite for growth.

Shining a light on suffering in that way is what will drive hope. And hope is what will ultimately drive you forward.

Next time you find yourself despairing or feeling hopeless, dig deep, reach into the very depth of your soul and find that cause for optimism.