• Michael Dahdal

Choosing Good

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In order to do ‘Good’ in the world, you must also have the capacity to do harm.

Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.

Without the capacity to do evil, the very concept of doing 'Good' wouldn’t exist.

Let me explain.

If you only had the capacity to love, that is, you were in a sense programmed to only love – then it wouldn’t be love at all, it would just be a behaviour that you demonstrated, because you didn’t know any different.

There is no virtue in that.

To truly love, you must have the capacity to choose love over hate.

Your free will, your ability to choose one over the other is key.

Your intentions are important and they do make a difference.

They are also a reflection of your fundamental character.

Life in a sense is the constant contending between love and hate, good and evil, right and wrong, chaos and order, pride and humility.

What you choose in each situation is a reflection of you.

Your job is to navigate your way through life and all the challenges it throws at you, with your fundamental character in tact.

To never lose the sense of, who you are and what’s fundamentally important.

In the traditional martial arts, they teach you to fight – so you never actually have to.

Sounds a little ironic and pointless, right?

Well, if you dig a littler deeper, it actually makes sense. The traditional martial arts are more about cultivating your character than they are about teaching you how to fight.

To have the capacity to hurt someone and choosing not to is the ultimate display of both strength and virtue.

Not hurting someone, because you don’t have the capacity to do so, is not a thing of virtue, but rather one of fear, weakness or passive ignorance.

So my point is, embrace the totality of your potential. Your capacity to do harm as well as your capacity to do ‘Good’ , develop your character in all it's facets – and then always choose to do ‘Good’.

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