Seeking Simplicity

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

At the heart of living a simple life are humility, gratitude and clarity of mind.

People often make the mistake of suggesting that simple means easy when it clearly doesn’t.

What simple does mean however is the stripping away of all the non-essentials.

On being able to differentiate between needs and wants.

On focusing only on the things that actually matter.

And what clarity of mind gives you is a sense of resolution. Understanding where you stand and having an ability to put your life into it’s proper context.

Making sense of all that is not easy – because what it asks of you is to let go of all the mental, physical and emotional clutter, essentially clearing the path for you to be able to focus on that which matters.

In being steadfast in your convictions.

Staying committed to doing the work that needs to be done.

In tempering the passions and not allowing yourself to be seduced by all the temptation

In not allowing yourself to be influenced by your circumstances, the pressures of every day life or by the people around you

And here in lies the great battle.