• Michael Dahdal

Getting It Together

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

What does getting your shit together actually look like?

What does it mean?

It sounds pretty straight forward, but very seldom do people stop and take the time to ponder it.

In short, it means getting clear. Clear enough so you know what the next step looks like and you can start moving forward towards something tangible.

It's simple enough – but as you know, simple doesn’t mean easy!

There are some tough questions to be asked and decisions to be made before anything changes.

This usually involves making some sacrifices, sacrifices that people just don't seem willing to make.

So that begs the question; How important is it?

The reality is, most people want the prize, but they just aren’t willing to do the work.

They aren’t willing to look at themselves in the mirror and face up to reality,

They aren’t willing to accept responsibility,

They aren’t willing to commit and keep showing up, even in the face of adversity.

The alternative to clarity is ambiguity and it seems we'd much rather put up with that, than face up to reality, because somehow, in some twisted way, we've convinced ourselves that's easier?!

The only way to break a cycle is literally to move forward in a straight line.

It does mean letting go and it does mean moving on.

All things MUST come to an end - so there's no point in being in denial about that. Time, therefore, is your most valuable resource.